Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rain again, although not as bad as yesterday. It was POURING practically the whole day. We headed on out at night with the intentions of going into to town and hanging out at Ronnie’s Bar (where Casey has a Booze card) and then catching a movie, but the bus never came! So, we bought some snacks (ummm, guilty pleasure–meat pie. It was actually gross but we were hungry so it hit the spot) and hung out at our old place (which was nearby). We didn’t want to have to walk back to the new place in the rain. It’s about a ten minute walk but the thought of it wasn’t very appealing. We still have CI lodges until tomorrow morning, so it’s like our dirty little rendevous spot. I felt like we were doing something immoral by going back there…like we had our “apartment”. (Like the movie with Shirley MacClaine–sp–and I think Jack Lemmon.) At one point we went into the common room and the door wouldn’t keep closed because the wind was so strong and, since the island only gets one station, we watched crap tv for a little while. There were two HUGE cockroaches scurrying around the edge of the floor…they were BIG. They had to be at least four or five inches long and, as Casey says, the “were fearless”. Yeah, I guess they didn’t actually scurry but sort of sauntered into the corners. Hm.

When we finally walked back to our new place, it was dark out but not so rainy. We walked in total darkness for the majority of the time. Fortunately we had out key chain flash lights, and were able to see puddles and any ghosts that were lying in wait. It was sort of freaky, but in a more eerie, the-road-might-be-haunted way, rather than the fear of being harmed by any living thing.

We both fell asleep around ten…the bed is quite comfortable and it was nice to know that the sheets are clean. (When we came the day before to look at the place there weren’t any sheets on the bed, but when we arrived that morning the bed was made up.No place has blankets on the beds, the idea is that you won;’t need them, but Casey and I got cold last night…We were woken up at four o’clock in the morning by the partying English guys staying outside our room. Our room is through the dorm bed room, so there is a bunk about six feet away. They were loud…I was able to fall asleep after about fifteen minutes, and I guess being woken up is the price you pay for the hostel-like atmosphere (and cheap cost). But, it was still annoying. They eventually got into a fight and at that point, Casey and I started laughing. I was actually really funny.

Needless to say, they JUST woke up when we left today at noon.

Spider note: I also saw a very big spider in the shower this morning. We had beened warned of his kind by an English guy that we met at Ronnie’s Bar on Tuesday night. He said that he had seen two in his room, that is why he was changing accomodations (I understand this). He described them as being BIG (yes, about two inches–including legs–across) and hairy (yes, very short hairs) and I noted that mine was brown, which isn’t as scary as black but still, no spider is a good spider (except Daddylonglegs, but I still don’t like to see them). I almost reached for him as I had taken my shower without my glasses (I hadn’t put on my contacts yet) and I was about to pick up my shampoo bottle but couldn’t see very well, so I slipped back on my glasses (this after my shower was over) and there he was, hanging out by my shampoo bottle. I didn’t scream but I did make a startled noise. AIIEEE.