Rarotonga, Cook Islands

We have found other accomodations…the woman at the Friendly Mart (which is a five minute walk from the Cook Islands Lodges) recommended this place just up the road from her store. I had stopped by yesterday morning and bought some supplies and she asked where we were staying and when I told her where she had that (common) reaction. I mentioned that we were looking for another place to stay and she told me about this one. She (Georgina) said that it’s new and it’s owned by a very friendly, nice young couple. When we came back today to ask for more detailed directions, she said that she had told them about us and that they were expecting us!! It’s on this very quiet back road with lots of trees and small houses, and is still in the process of being built. However, the upper floor is complete (as well as the swimming pool) and everything is really new looking (and clean!!). The man greeted us as we came up the drive…he said that they were expecting us (!) and that they had seen us at the airport Sunday morning and noticed the guy from the CI Lodges coming to pick us up and that they had felt sorry for us. They had wanted to say something but of course they didn’t. They both seem really nice. The place is more of a hostel (Rarotonga Backpackers is what it’s called) with a communal kitchen and hang-out room and women’s toilets and showers, and then a separate one for the men. Our room is through a common sleep area…we have the only double (private room). The bed takes up most of the room but at least it’s private and clean and new, and they have laundry facilities and internet (but casey said it’s prob only dial-up, whereas the place we are at right now–“The INternet Shop” in downtown Avarua–has DSL). We will try it for a few nights and see how we like it…we’ve decided to forget the rest of the days that we have paid for at the CI Lodges and leave there tomorrow! We spent a very subdued evening last night reading and drinking wine and beer and eating cheese and crackers and (me) arrowroot biscuits and trying to figure out our plan of action for finding a new place to stay…we went to bed at 9:15. Yes, even Casey.

We had two very cute dogs follow us today. We just petted them for a minute (Casey gave them the special Arundel and Kelsey rough play) and they loved it so much that they decided to become our doggies. They trotted behind us for a good five minutes and then saw a funeral going on and stopped to check it out, and that is when we made our getaway.

We had lunch at the Moko Cafe. They are a seven minute walk from our place, and serve very good food. We had a sandwich there on Sunday and today had their Thai curries…great. They have a bit of an ant problem but it seems to have gotten better. They also have internet access but they have dial up which is painfully slow and costly (when you are paying by the minute).