Casey’s entry: Yes, Ramada Limited was very limited. If you ever happen to be passing through Newton, Iowa, and are beginning to be a little bit tired, keep right on driving. Yuck.

Jet Blue is pretty cool. They really DO have little TV’s on the back of each chair (very helpful in making the time pass), and they really DO NOT feed you very much. However, we had been warned and came prepared. About two hours into our flight, we whipped out our sandwiches and started munching. The poor girl next to me had to ask the flight attendant for extra snacks…next time she will pack a lunch.

We are in the process of preparing for our trip. I am having trouble finding shoes…surprisingly, it has been difficult to find shoes which can be described with both the words “comfortable” and “stylish.” I mean, I am a girl who actually LIKES to wear clogs and has come to terms with my “special” feet. BUT–I am finding it very hard to accept some of the hard-core walking shoes that are out there.

Hmm, the drama continues…