Adelaide, Australia.

Merry Christmas! It’s too warm for Christmas, even by California standards. We have the a/c cranked up in our apartment and have slipped out for just a few minutes to check email and make a quick entry.

Despite what Casey may believe I am not disappointed in my Christmas presents. Chocolate is always appreciated; I needed a toothbrush cover; toilet seat covers are rare in this part of the world and so I am very happy to have been given some!; champagne–how can that be bad?; travel pillows definitely come in handy; and, I have actually secretly been wanting a cup of my own since some of the places we stay don’t supply them in the room.

I have my second bad cold of the trip. The first one was in Fiji and it lasted about four days and did not fully leave my body for a good two weeks. I had a lot of left over congestion and, for some reason, as I fell asleep at night I would make a deep sigh that would wake both Casey and me up. This lasted for about four or five nights; Casey said that I was annoying him because I kept waking him up. Well, I was annoying myself, too!

We called our families this morning…it made the homesickness both better and worse. Anne and Bob had the Leskos and Aunt Olga over for a Christmas Eve dinner; I have only spent two Christmases in New Jersey but both were really nice and festive and I wanted to be there again! Then I called my family in San Mateo and my Mam was telling me the plans for the evening (it was only six o’clock there) and then I thought of all the Christmas shopping and decorating that I would have done with my Mam at this time of year and it made me really miss just being with my family. I wonder what our tree looks like this year? In fact, I have been missing everyone the past few days because it doesn’t seem like Christmas at all here. Casey and I have done what we could but of course it isn’t the same.

Whine whine whine!