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  • Author: Casey DeGroot
  • Date Posted: Oct 12, 2002
  • Category:
  • Address: rarotonga, cook islands

Rarotonga, Cook Islands (Avarua)

Fuck! I just read the news and there was a massive explosion in Bali, Indonesia. Over 150 dead so far. Brings back bad memories. We’ll have to change our plans a bit. Maybe spend more time in New Zealand or go to one of the other South Pacific Islands like Samoa or Tonga. Wow. The pictures look awful, makes you think about how vulnerable you are sometimes…

On a more pleasant note…

The sun finally came out here and it was a beautiful day. Today is the day everyone on the island barbecues in the ground. There is the smell of burning vegetation in the air. Smells like someone smoking really bad pot. Not that I would know…

Saturday is a quiet day, but not as quiet as Sunday when EVERYTHING closes. At least you can buy a beer on Saturday. Speaking of which, I’m about to head next door for one.

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